The cigarettes of all brands are essentially made with tobacco that obviously contains nicotine. This is very harmful content of a cigarette of any brand. As a matter of fact, this chemical called nicotine is in the root of all harms that are caused by this smoking stick. Due to this nicotine, the cigarette become killing devises, that works as a slow poison.

Most of the doctors from all over the world share same views about nicotine. As this chemical is found in plenty inside a cigarette, therefore cigarette addiction is also termed as nicotine addiction. There is no doubt that this nicotine addiction is very much harmful as it can cause various kinds of damages inside the human body.

The following severe smoking effects can happen to a human body as soon as it front picgets affected by nicotine addiction. People must know about these harmful things that can even cause loss of life in many of the cases.

Heart Diseases: The smoke that is emitted by a cigarette contains heavy amount of nicotine. This smoke, after entering the human lungs, can make it suffer from heart diseases. In such a case, the probability of heart disorders increases manifold and that can even cause cardiac failure.

High Blood Pressure: The smoke also contains harmful effects of carbon dioxidethat is destined to have negative effects to the human body. This high blood pressure may cause terrible consequences. The after effects of this high blood pressure can easily be seen in the bodies of the people these days.

This is a very common health disorder for the nicotine addicts. Though it is very common, it is very severe by nature as it can lead to severe consequences later on.
Enhanced breathing disorders: The breathing disorders begin very moderately in the initial stages.

However, it can turn out to be very serious if the patient does not become serious about it. The patients can even suffer from enhanced breathing disorders at times and that can be fatal in its severity.

Malnutrition: This generally happens to the chain smokers as they cannot live without a cigarette even for two minutes. These persons are the softest targets of all diseases that are related to nicotine addiction.

Apart from these common diseases, a smoker can also suffer from many other diseases that are known for their severity. These diseases include hypertension and sudden cases multi organ failures. Undoubtedly, these diseases are not easy to tackle.

The most important fact about these e3xtreme types of diseases is that they give you no chance of recovery. They are absolutely fatal and cause death in their trail. Sometimes, the smokers also face problems related to their throat, tongue, mouth, and esophagus. These symptoms are the indications of some severe types of consequences.

The smokers must be very concerned about these diseases or symptoms as they give them an indication of the severe time that is waiting for them ahead. Therefore, they must remain in contact with the doctors and try to overcome these troubles as and when they come up and show their effects